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Mount Abu with its beautiful landscapes, lakes, waterfalls, sunset & sunrise points and lush green forests provides an excellent opportunity for nature lovers to appreciate mother nature in close.

Mount Abu has more then 17 Nature Trails and pathways suitable for adventurous activities approved by the department of forest passing through the jungle. Some trails can also be used for horse safari if you prefer not to trek on foot.

While trekking in, one can enjoy rock climbing, rappelling , wildlife & bird watching and study flora of Mount Abu with tribal and lok Rajput culture as well. Mount Abu is traversed with many wildlife observing paths/view points such as Trevor’s Tank, Salgaon Watch Tower, Cragis point, Devangan Valley, Tiger Path, Kodra Dam, Gaumukh, Kulagrah Valley, Gabir Nalla and Sayabera, Achalgarh, etc . to name a few popular ones.

Mount Abu's beauty is hidden inside Jungles and Mountains not known by general tourist and not covered in any sight-seeing tour, you can enjoy a once in a lifetime experience by visiting these places in your Adventure tourism trip. We know the secret trail that leads to the fountain of youth, if that’s not convincing enough! follow us on a journey through the mystical & magical place we live in. Our team, have discovered the formula of hospitality, navigation and natural conservation through travels in our homeland. Do join us on the recently introduced Mountain Biking attraction for a life-long memorable, exciting and thrill-filled experience which you must love to share with your friends.

Here are few well-known adventurous activities organizers:

Abu Adventure & Nature Academy,
Call : 9829235735
Email : [email protected]

Mount Abu has tremendous scope for nature camps in the wild, however only few places are allowed for camping by the the WildLife department namely:

  1. Bhrigu Ashram
  2. Utraj Oriya
  3. Vasthanji
  4. Rishikesh Temple
  5. Agneshwar Ashram
  6. Jawai village
  7. Salgaon Watch Tower
  8. Arna Watch Tower
  9. Trevor’s Tank
  10. Chhipa Beri

If you are coming to Mount Abu you must opt for adventurous activities for a lifetime experience, the excursions are safe and should be done with help of a qualified and experienced government approved guide/instructor, sevral packages are available from short trek, half-day, full day to custom tracks with night hold and camping facilities.


  1. Bridal Path - 6km
  2. Mini Nakki Lake - 6 km
  3. Tiger Path - 8km
  4. Craigs Path - 2km
  5. Beyley’s Walk - 1km
  6. Trevor’s Tank - 6km
  7. Guru Shikar – Utraj Oriya - 6km
  8. Arna –Chhipabri - 5km
  9. Achalgarh- Bhrigu Ashram - 2km
  10. Utraj-Vasthanji - 16km

Here are few well-known adventurous activities organizers:

Abu Adventure & Nature Academy,
Call : 9829235735
Email : [email protected]

MountAbu.Com highly recommends Adventure tourism at Mount Abu to its visitors for a unique lifetime memorable date with Nature.